Imagine being able to express your inner greatness through the power of your Voice

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Let’s make Magic together!

Are you ready to unblock your voice, speak your truth, and serve the world with your deepest gifts?

Hi I’m Sabina

As a transformational voice coach, singer, and mantra yogini, I’m dedicated to helping you free your voice, so that you can sing and speak your truth. Unapologetically.

After having worked with a full spectrum of students – from professional singers to highly- sensitive yoginis – for more than 20 years, here’s what I realized:

What’s blocking your Voice is also blocking your life…


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«What’s blocking your voice
is also blocking your life»

What my clients say:

«In only one hour, I learned more than I had ever learned before. The next day, my voice was much more powerful and lighter.»


«Sabina’s teaching is always a little masterpiece. She combines her profound knowledge with her unique intuition. Therefore, every lesson is a new snapshot, always exciting, challenging, and simply beautiful. Years of experience and great knowledge, combined with creative and spontaneous creativity, make every lesson with Sabina an exciting journey back home to yourself and your own voice. With Sabina, you create with ease what you thought impossible. She is a born teacher. I warmly recommend her.»

Christina Waltner
Inhaberin von Planet Yoga

«With strong intuition and great knowledge, Sabina opens up spaces previously unknown to me. I explore my voice and encounter myself — again and again. Her transformative voice coaching is biography work. Everything can change through sound. Sabina’s lessons are a source to my own self, which sings in my body.»

Rolf Tschudi