The Wabi-Sabi Voice Lab

October 26 – November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 – December 7, 2023
O-Tone Studio, Gallusstr. 4, 8006 Zürich(10 Minutes from Zürich HB)

A transformative Voice coaching and Mantras immersion to empower your voice, so you can express your deepest truth.

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint.

So why are you so afraid to make your mark with it? 

Could it be because you have been told (directly or indirectly) that your voice doesn’t matter, that nobody cares what you have to say, or that your truth is not valid? 

If so, you’re not alone.

I know what it feels like to die to express yourself with a free and courageous voice… but to find yourself scared and alone in the process. 

You need help, but you don’t know where to find it.

I could be that guide. 

An experienced guide who can teach you how to free your voice holistically, so you can reconnect to your creative power, recall banned pieces of your soul, and sing your unique song.

My shamanic abilities allow me to see in the dark. I open doors to hidden knots inside of you. 

I guide you into the divine intelligence of your body. Because this is where the real magic happens.

Are you ready to drink in the healing nectar of your voice, so you can finally express your truth?

Welcome To The Wabi-Sabi Voice Lab

A 7-week transformative immersion to TRAIN, HEAL, and RECONNECT with your unique voice. So you can unapologetically EXPRESS your truth.

Are you ready to shed the energetic corset that’s suffocating your Voice and finally express your truth? 
Join us for 7 weeks. Take a big step towards a more powerful voice.
Welcome new success, more resilience, an invigorated health and increased joy… all through the power of your Voice. 

Your unique Voice is a powerful tool for expressing
all that you are, feel, and believe.

I know how it feels to have that deep desire to express yourself freely and unapologetically with your voice and at the same time feeling blocked in the fog.

This is why I created the Wabi-Sabi Voice Lab – a sacred space where you can, free from perfectionism, TRAIN , EXPRESS , HEAL and RECONNECT.

I will invite you to find tenderness in your flaws and strength in your traumas.
This will bring power and authenticity in your SONG and SPEACH.

You come with your VISION, DESIRES, your BROKEN PIECES and
I will teach you how to experience your Voice as an integral part of the totality of who you are: body, mind, emotions, energy, spirit.

You learn how YOUR VOICE and the power of INTENTION can be the golden glue that puts your broken pieces together so that BEAUTY, STRENGTH and COMPASSION appear.
This allows you to sing and speak up with an authentic, new confidence. ​

Seven intensive sessions for ambitious people who want to achieve a lot in a short time: The Wabi Sabi Voice Lab is the essence of my best tools and techniques I’ve gathered during the past 35 years of working as a professional Voice Coach, Singer and  Healing Practitioner.

Most voice coaching programs out there, focus either on the technical part of growing the Voice – exercises to train your physical body to be a strong and open instrument – OR they focus on the free expression of the emotions and energies moving inside of you. 

I’m an expert on integrating both.
As a result, you get the best of both worlds.

The Wabi-Sabi Voice Lab is built on 4 powerful pillars:
  1. TRAIN your voice with techniques that will serve you for the rest of your life. Learn how to embody your voice to increase her strength, agility, and beauty.
  2. EXPRESS yourself — free from taboos. Make pretty and ugly sounds, animalistic and cultivated sounds, shamelessly embodying the bitch and the queen. This will rewire your brain for pleasure.
  3. HEAL hidden blockages for fuller self-expression. Enter into a sacred space where magic and quantum healing is possible. Release stored traumas from your body in a safe way. 
  4. RECONNECT with primordial consciousness. Through the chanting of ancient Mantras and sacred Songs, you’ll reconnect with your soul through the vibration of sound. Reawaken the sacred in your voice and watch your life transform.

Yes, we chant and sing Mantras

Mantras are a form of sound meditation that can give you inner peace and awaken your life force energy. They put you in a state where you can free yourself from repetitive thoughts, so you can make space for something new in your life.

From week to week, I discovered new areas in my body that I can now incorporate into my singing. The group dynamics with all the questions that came up opened new knowledge for me. Sabina’s coaching from the technical and spiritual side enabled me to do new experiments and breakthroughs in my vocal expression. Am still practicing and exploring my voice and I use Sabina’s inspiring exercises almost daily.


Are you ready to follow the call of your Voice and your deep desire to express all that you are, unapologetically? 
Then this course is for YOU.

I came to this course with the desire to free my voice. My goal is to be able to sing and express myself freely, full of joy and confidence – and most importantly, without fear, shame, or restraint. With Sabina, I mustered up the courage and went for it. I dared to set out and make my way. I feel freer and more confident, strengthened to continue on the path. I already had success and important AHA moments. The voice exercises and Sabina’s explanations of the connections and effects on all levels have helped me enormously. This holistic program works on the mind, soul, and body, which is incredibly valuable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this space you opened and held, Sabina. It was so valuable and healing, that’s exactly what we need more of in our world. This was just the beginning, I will continue with Sabina’s guidance.

This course is for you if you:
  • would like to approach the training of your voice holistically
  • are tired of NOT expressing your creativity through your voice
  • feel motivated to use the new power of your Voice and the Mantras in your Work (singing and/or speaking) and personal life. 
  • are highly sensitive and want to learn to free yourself from all those overwhelming feelings and how your Voice is an amazing tool to get back to your true self
  • want to discover the deeper healing powers of your voice
  • hear the call of your wild nature to be lived and integrated          
  • are committed to your personal growth
This is not for you if you:
  • only want to work technically with your voice
  • want a quick fix for your voice and are not interested in addressing the deeper root causes that are blocking your voice physically, emotionally and mentally
  • are unwilling to take responsibility for your success and transformation
  • expect results without actually engaging in the work 
  • resist looking at and integrating your own shadow
  • have zero interest in consciousness, energy work, and spiritual growth
Everything you’ll get:
  • 7 live, in person sessions  to unfold, discover and liberate your Voice: engaging and fun!
  • Group exchange to inspire and mirror your personal transformative process.
  • Private Wabi-Sabi Voice Lab community on Telegram. Bring your questions and share your insights, darker moments, and breakthroughs. Get inspired by other beautiful souls just like you.
  • My ongoing support in the private Telegram group
  • Weekly inspiration to keep you engaged and help you bring your Voice and Expression on a new level
  • Access to detailed exercise videos so that you have my support after the course with effective voice and breathing practice (all videos are available in a virtual classroom)
  • Mantras to expand your consciousness and connect with your light
  • A 70 minutes 1:1 Voice Coaching with me to get personal keys to unlock your voice (time window from the beginning of the course till the 8th of June)

Rarely has an offer picked me up as much as Sabina’s Wabi Sabi Voice Lab. Sabina lovingly guided us all through a transformative process. Singing mantras together touched me deeply, and Sabina’s exercises accompany me to this day. If I lose my thread now and then, I always find back to my voice. Working with Sabina has moved me a lot in me. I am very grateful for this nurturing experience.



What if I cannot attend all the classes? Do I have access to the recordings?

Yes, you will become the videos of the session.

What about bothering my neighbours when I practice at home? 

One of the big obstacles for training and expressing our voice at home are the neighbours (or family members being in the other room).

I like to speak with my neighbours and explain that I sing and meditate with my voice at home. You can tell them about the course. This will usually bring more tranquility for everyone involved.

Also, remember that the official resting time in Switzerland is 12 noon – 1 pm and after 8 pm. Singing is allowed outside these resting times.

IMPORTANT: This is about finding courage in the midst of the fear of being judged. When you express your voice, when you train and give space to her, it is essential to have consistent practice. It’s a beautiful occasion for feeling the fear and doing it anyway. 


Do I have to be a Hinud or hairy Yogi to sing mantras?

No. It doesn’t matter what faith or religion we belong to, mantras are a universal sound language that speak to both our cells and our soul.

What do I need to bring?

A pen and notebook to write down any insights or ideas.

Do you have any other questions?

Please email me at

Or, write to me on WhatsApp: +41 79 791 86 24

Your Investment

Join us on this unforgettable vocal journey. Don’t miss out on this precious gift to yourself!

The option of paying in installments is available – three installments of CHF 597 each.

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Do you still need to talk with me, ask me questions? Then I’m very happy to have a chat with you to see if this is a right fit.
Please answer the four questions in the registration form, as I love to get to know you a little before we meet.
I’m looking very much forward to welcome you to the course!
Registration conditions (Terms and Conditions for the Wabi-Sabi Voice Lab)

To register for this course email me at I will confirm your participation by email and ask you to transfer the amount as soon as possible.

After receipt of payment you are registered for the course and your place is definitely reserved for you.

This registration is binding and the amount cannot be refunded. 
Exception: In case of serious illness and upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate, the  course can be postponed after personal consultation.

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+41 79 791 86 24
(mit deinem Namen und Vornamen)

This morning, I finally broke my silence. I wrote a clear e-mail to the family of my ex-husband, pointing out his borderline violations that are exacerbating the loyalty conflict my children are facing. I will no longer allow anyone to “shut me up”. I now know that being spiritual and having a big heart doesn’t mean I should let myself be manipulated but have clear boundaries, self-compassion, and hearing my inner voice. A heartfelt thank you, dear Sabina!


When I had my first voice coaching with you, all I could think of, was to sing Morning Has Broken. Now here I am, sometime later, finding my ‘home’ choir at last. You gave me the courage to answer a call for sopranos, which is how I found myself in the church choir in my home town.
At every rehearsal I was always able to bring in the impulses and ideas I learned in the Wabi Sabi Voice Lab. Be it tiger breathing, or the ‘nasty’ tones that opened up the head resonance. You gave me a safe framework to try things out. I was then able to rely more and more on the technique and really get into the music. A very moving and liberating feeling.
They have asked if I would like to become a full member, so I will think of you every Tuesday evening for a very long time to come. Thank you so much.