Voice Alchemy & Music for the soul

Mantras, Heart Songs & Rhythm

Sun 16 June, 5 – 7 pm
O-Tone Yoga, Gallusstr. 4, 8006 Zürich

A singing peace prayer circle for you and this wonderful world

with Sabina Elsa Astolfi, Tony Majdalani and Efisio Contini
An oasis of sound healing is calling, right in the heart of Zurich.

A calling home
to your heart
to your voice
to the power of community

profound – meditative – transforming

Let the music put you in a meditative state, free you from circling thoughts and create space for something new.

With powerful mantras and heart touching songs we invite you on an unforgettable journey.
Be with us and experience the transformative interplay of healing MANTRAS, HEART SONGS, and grounding RHYTHMS.

Whether you love to sing or are a bit afraid of it, or are simply curious about the effects of mantras – you are invited.

Voice Alchemy & Music for the Soul is a wonderful opportunity to find a deeper connection to yourself and to life.

Experience the Magic firsthand:
  • Dance along with the drum jam and awaken your energies.
  • Sing healing mantras and heart songs with us and experience joy, inner peace and a new awareness
  • Relax deeply and dive into the world of Sound Bath with Hang and Santur

What are Mantras?

It doesn’t matter what faith or religion you belong to, mantras are a universal sound language. The power of mantras has been known for thousands of years. It promotes openness, joy and serenity, as well as the connection to the divine part of your soul.

Mantras exist for all situations in life: mantras to protect places, to help the deceased, to cleanse negative karma, to invoke light beings, to heal, to facilitate receiving messages from the universe, to calm anger, to transform fear, to promote willpower and courage, to improve concentration, to promote prosperity….

Mantras are powerful and protective friends on our life’s journey.

Immerse yourself in a community connected by the universal language of sound, mantras and music.

If your heart is already beating faster as you read and you feel the longing for community, music and transformation, secure your spot now.

Tony, Efisio and I love to have you with us!

Sabina Elsa Astolfi, is a singer, voice coach, mantra yogini and voice healing facilitator. She passionately accompanies women and men to unfold the unique power and grace of their voices, to express themselves free of taboos and to unleash the all-encompassing power of their own voice.
Her motto “Don’t die with your Song still inside you”.

Tony Majdalani, is a dynamic and soulful master of rhythm, impresses with his high professionalism and versatility as a percussionist. With a wide musical repertoire, he gives both individual and group lessons and inspires groups both in Switzerland and internationally.
Tony passionately shares his talent with the world and invites us to follow the beat of our heart. His rhythm inspires and can expand our consciousness.

Efisio Contini, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. His stage presence is big. His voice sounds deep and warm.
You can meet him on big stages of world music festivals, on tour with Dodo Hug, or with his rock band Kyoko.
His music is a combination of a variety of influences: Sardinian and Southern Italian traditional music, new folk, world music and progressive rock. With his voice and the sound of his guitar, Efisio captivates listeners and immerses them in different emotional worlds.

I invite you to HONOR and EXPRESS your VOICE allowing her to express freely.

Date: 16 June
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Location: O-Tone Yoga, Gallusstr. 4, 8006 Zürich

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25% of the profits from this evening go to the ‘4 Paws’ foundation for animals in need and Doctors without Borders.

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Important: if you have flu-like symptoms before the event, you will not be able to participate. In such cases, please contact me directly.

Voices from Participants

Dear Sabina

For me it was simply an evening for the soul: immersing in the beautiful sounds of your voices and instruments, arriving in the body through the rhythm of the drums and your own voice while singing mantra, relaxing, regenerating, being. This has given me in the currently rather hectic time a soothing break and reconnected me more with myself. And I found the alternation of listening and participating quite wonderful. Mahalo 🙏🏻
💗Much Love.


A deeply touching and heart-opening evening of sound and togetherness.
Heartfelt thanks.


A wonderful concert that opened my heart and the sounds still resonate in me.
Heartfelt thanks.


When the music started, my heart filled with positive energy.
Tony played an instrument and my soul left my body.
I was physically here, my eyes closed and my soul in my “happy place.” This rarely happens to me, but the music and the musicians were magical.

I heard Sabina and her beautiful voice. I heard her but did not see her and was in seventh heaven, far away from my problems and life issues. From that place I listened to the wonderful music and enjoyed the mantras.

Thank you Sabina, Tony and Efisio for the magical evening!


Sabina with her wonderful voice and her authentic way of interpreting mantras – unique. and oh, Toni – his percussions always hit me right in the heart.

I am impressed how you manage every time with your skills to create this magic in the room (and beyond) and to involve us all. The music is full of heart and soul, you can feel that so much and also that you really know your craft.

What is important and pleases me is that everyone is allowed to be as they are and what they feel like.
Some people dance to the beat, others sing along with heart and soul, and others just sit or lie there, listen and let the melodies and rhythms take effect on them silently. Nothing must, but can.

The flow of the evening is a spectrum of sacred sounds of different cultures.

Personally, I experienced the entire range of emotions during this evening and occasionally lost myself in the sounds. Losing oneself in the togetherness and yet arriving completely at home. This is how I would describe the evenings of Voice Alchemy.

A treat for ear, soul and heart. Heartfelt thanks.


The Voice Alchemy & Music for the Soul event is brilliant, with mantra chanting, music, dance and meditation. It was indeed an alchemical process of coming together. The evening was truly wonderful and light-filled!