Zorba the singing and dancing Budda

Zorba the singing and dancing Buddha *
invites you to experience the magic of your voice through Singing, Earth Songs, and Mantras and to immerse yourself in the therapeutic depths of Biodanza.
Zorba, the passionate lover of life and Buddha, as a guiding light to your self.
All this amidst the magnificent nature of Corfu, a place of power, enlivened by the spirit of ancient olive trees and the shimmering blue sea.


Sabina Elsa Astolfi
Singer, Voice Coach, Mantra Yogini, Voice Healing Facilitator.


Neveen Li
Biodanza facilitator, dancer, energy & tarot reader, and life artist.

Over these six days, we embark on a deeply transformative journey through the chakras. With the power of our voice and the joy of movement and dance, we discover the diverse facets of the wonderful adventure we call life. 

Sabina teaches you to honor your voice and unfold it with love. Through holistic vocal exercises, you will discover the hidden potential of your voice and experience a deep connection to your divine core through the Mantras. This leads to boundless joy of the heart.

In the inspiring atmosphere of the group, you will learn to express your unique voice. We delve deeply into the world of Mantras and Heart Songs, discovering the beauty and diversity of our expression.

The ancient sounds of the mantras expand our consciousness and unleash magical powers.

We will sing and experiment together, releasing happiness hormones. We will laugh and cry, delve into the depths, and encounter the wild side of our beings.

You will experience singing as a life-giving force that positively influences your health. Deep breathing strengthens lung function and the immune system, while fears and worries fade away. Singing activates the vagus nerve and your self-healing powers.

With Naveen, you will immerse yourself in Biodanza through music, dances, and gestures, freeing your body and mind ecstatically.

Biodanza, also known as the dance of life, is an inspiring and scientifically grounded method of organic renewal that helps people develop and integrate their potential to experience happiness in life.

Developed in the 1960s by the visionary Chilean anthropologist and psychologist, Rolando Toro, Biodanza is now danced in 54 countries.

Music, dance, and encounters allow us to experience the joy of life in the present moment and to perceive our body in movement anew. What a magical sense of well-being!

A true connection to yourself and others brings deep fulfillment in life.

Sabina Elsa Astolfi

Born in the vibrant city of Bologna, she began developing her skills as a singer in her youth and encountered at the same time, mantra meditation, which she practices to this day with deep gratitude.

She is a trained transformative voice coach, singer, mantra yogini, and voice healing practitioner. For over 20 years, she has empowered women and men to unleash the unique potential of their voices and express their greatness through it.
In her coaching, a combination of vocal technique and ancient shamanic wisdom, she creates true magic.


At the heart of Sabina’s work lies the awakening of divine consciousness, the guiding star that gives all her work a transformative dimension.
Her motto is: “Don’t die with your song still inside you

Naveen Li

Originally from Taiwan, where she worked as a psychologist, Naveen now lives in Corfu, Greece. She is a versatile intuitive energy and tarot reader as well as a massage therapist.

Naveen is an internationally trained and recognized facilitator and didactic teacher of Biodanza® – Dance of Life and has been leading workshops in Germany, Taiwan, and Greece since 2011.

Her vision is to awaken the power of the soul through Biodanza – the Great Healing Art (Ars Magna), to lead a life with a celebratory spirit, and to uphold the dignity of being human.

For more information about Naveen and her work:

Freetime and Inspiration:
The afternoon is free, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the idyllic surroundings. Relax with a refreshing swim in the sea, work on your long-planned book, indulge in good reading, or enjoy inspiring conversations. Countless possibilities await you!

Time schedule:
Zorba the Buddha starts on Sunday with a delicious breakfast and ends on the following Friday evening with dinner at a location with breathtaking sea views and spectacular sunsets.

We will have 6 morning sessions from 10:00 a.m. to approximately 1:30 p.m. and 2 to 3 evening sessions after dinner. Arrival and departure are on Saturday.

Price from EUR 1390 in a double room per person. Single room supplement see registration form.

The price includes seminar fees, accommodation in a double room, half board, and transfer from the airport.
Flight costs and the final dinner at the restaurant with sunset view are not included.

For special price for locals from Arillas and further questions, please contact us via email:

Please fill out the booking form and send it by email to Inside Travel: info@inside-travel.com

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* Zorba the Buddha

“Zorba is the foundation and Buddha is the palace. Buddha is the culmination, but the foundation is laid in Zorba. Without the foundation, wanting to become a Buddha would be simply foolish.
And in this, I am completely mathematical: Zorba should be alive, and the more alive he is, the more likely a Buddha can arise. For me to become a Buddha from one moment to the next, a Zorba is absolutely necessary, as the fundamental energy from which a Buddha is made. Zorba is the marble from which Buddha is sculpted. I select the stone… and Buddha effortlessly emerges from it. You just need to open your eyes. I don’t concern myself with Buddha; I worry about people who are not Zorbas. How can they become Buddhas? They have no foundation for a Buddha.
And this poverty has been instilled in people by our religious leaders. They were taught not to be materialists. They were taught to live celibate lives. They were taught to live in poverty. They were taught that life is sinful. All of this has destroyed their Zorba. Otherwise, every person is born as a Zorba, the Greek.
And as far as I am concerned, everyone will die as a Zorba who becomes a Buddha. The difference between the Greek and Buddha is not great, but first you must become the Greek.”

Osho, The Last Testament, Vol. 2, Talk #19