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Date and time: Thursday 12. December 2019, 6:30 p.m - 8.30 p.m

Place: Shakti Ayurveda & Yoga Center Rapperswil


"Come and celebrate with us this time of magic and contemplation!"

Move your body with a gentle, flowing and powerful yoga guided by Heike. Connect with your breath and find the power of your center. Sabina leads us into the soundscape of the Mantras. Through our voice we let go of the old and send our new intentions into the field. The Mantras bring transformation and healing into motion.


Heike is a yoga teacher (Ayur-Flow Yoga) and Ayurveda

therapist; Head of the Shakti Ayurveda & Yoga Centre

in Rapperswil.

Sabina is a singer, transformative voice coach and Naad Yogini.

50% of the proceeds go to TreeSisters, a global network

of women who donate monthly to help restore our tropical forests.

Number of participants: 6 - 12 person

Price: 54 CHF (34 CHF for those who have a

Yoga subscription with Heike).

Registration: heike@ay-shakti.ch