White Tara Project
Voice Alchemy

for Women and Refugee Women 

WHITE TARA Project & DONATE to the WORLD Class
the whole profit goes to the humanitarian aid in Ukraine and to the animals, our other brothers and sisters who have no voice and without whom humanity would not have survived.


Date and Time:

15. Juni 18:30 – 20:10 Uhr

The class is live & online

Location: Heuboden, GZ Schindlergut, Kronenstr. 12 , 8006 Zürich
or via Zoom

The class is in english



Regain the power of your voice

connect her to your body, your emotions and your soul,

and bring your song  unapologetically into the world


through a liberating VOICE COACHING, you tap into the inherent wisdom and power of your VOICE and body, and keep breaking the barrier of fear and shame.

This allows you to  heal step by step and experience the POWER and GRACE of your VOICE.


We will open and deepen our breath so that your singing is nurtered by PRANA and your chest and heart can stay proud and vibrating.


We will dive into the FEMININE GRACE of TARA through the POWER of her MANTRAS:


"How bad does it have to get before we awaken to the truth that the best thing we can do to make this world a better place is to change ourselves and step into the power of our hearts?"

 ​Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist and meditation researcher


Imagine you could...


  • touch with your voice... you, other people, life. With your song, your words, your presence 

  • tapping into the inherent wisdom and power of your voice and body and breaking through the fear and shame barrier and healing you step by step

  • develop your voice and thereby gain more credibility and authority when singing and speaking 



Your voice can literally heal you and others

In this 108 minute class you will learn:


  • technical and energetic exercises to develop your voice and make your physical body a strong and open instrument 

  • to free the expression of your emotions and experiencing how they enrich your voice. 

  • to increase your overall well-being through your voice.

  • to activate deep healing processes in all your cells through singing 

  • to chant and sing ancient mantras, to connect to your soul and the BIG Spirit, the Divine, Life...


​It doesn't matter what faith or religion we belong to, mantras are a universal sound language that speak to our cells as well as to our soul.​

Your Guide:


As a transformational voice coach, singer and mantra yogini, I help you free your voice so you can sing and speak your truth unapologetically.

After working with a wide range of students for more than 20 years - from professional singers to highly sensitive yogis and yoginis -

I have come to realize that what blocks your voice blocks your life.

By healing your sacred instrument - your voice - you gain access to a powerful tool for fearless self-expression. When you are free of old energetic blocks, nothing can stop you from giving your deepest gifts to the world.

 I'm looking forward to meeting YOU and your Voice!

Join us now!

Your Donation Klasse 

The amount is open, our suggestion is: CHF 45.-/ 70.-/ 90.-

100% of the profits are donated to the and

Here's how you can sign up:


1. Email me at to sign up.

2. Please transfer your donation to reserve your place within 7 days to the following account:


Powerful Voices, 8006 Zurich

Migros Bank AG, 8001 Zurich Account no. 80-533-6

IBAN: CH32 0840 1000 0614 7077 5

Or pay via TWINT +41 79 791 86 24 (please note your name)


3. The registration is binding and the amount cannot be refunded.

4. After receiving the full amount, you are registered for this class and your place is definitely reserved for you.

5. If you are unable to attend this class, you have the option of passing on your place. However, the organization is your responsibility.


Important: if you have flu-like symptoms before the class, you will not be able to participate. In such cases, please contact me directly.