Embody your soul. Reconnect to timeless wisdom. Trust yourself more fully. 

Datum und Uhrzeit: 11. June von 10:00 - 16:00 Uhr

Der Workshop wird hybrid angeboten (live & online)

Ort: O-Tone Studio,

Gallusstr. 4, 8006 Zürich

Vor Ort:
Max 14 Plätze

Online: unlimitiert 
Anmeldung an: sabina@powerful-voices.com

A Workshop to Ground Your Voice Deep Within Your Bones and Feel Safe as You Speak and Sing  



It is a basic human need. 


Yet, most people don’t feel safe in their bodies. 


There are many reasons for this, some related to past trauma, others to immediate threat. 

Have you ever experienced “losing your voice” in moments of nervousness? 

Maybe you were speaking in front of a large audience, singing with your family, or trying to make yourself heard in a meeting. 


Your brain stem interprets these moments of nervousness as an immediate threat to your survival. 


And your body responds with the only reaction she’s capable of–dissociation. 


But it doesn’t have to be like this.


There is another way. 


A way that leads to you feeling secure, grounded, and confident in yourself. 

Imagine being able to…

  • Sing and speak so it vibrates confidence from deep within you 

  • Use your voice to help you feel secure in any social situation

  • Ground deep in your bones so people will listen to you with attention 

  • Speak and sing for longer without getting drained or losing your breath

  • Appreciate the beautiful flavor of your unique voice (no more self-judging!)

  • Discover your most authentic self by finding your authentic voice 

All this and so much more is possible when you’re deeply rooted–both in your body and in Mother Earth.


This is where you source safety. 


This is where you become independent of other people’s reactions to you. 


This is where you begin to speak and sing with power, confidence, and clarity. 

Only once you feel safe can you share your unique medicine– authentically and unapologetically. 

Because 70% of the impact of your voice is energetic. 


Only 30% of what you communicate has to do with the actual content of your words.


This is one of the important gifts of the base chakra.


Are you ready to unlock these gifts?


Join me for the workshop that helps you strengthen your voice through accessing safety in your own body (and Mother Earth) 


When you feel safely grounded in your base, you won’t get hoarse. 


You won’t lose your power of speech. 


And you certainly won’t feel insecure about your voice. 


Instead, you’ll re-engineer your voice and bring your singing and speaking to a higher level.


Here’s the voice workshop…


That’ll make you fall in love with your bones and your base, so you can expand your self-trust from the roots up and speak and sing with ease and joy…


…even if you’re not a professional singer.


During our time together, you’ll learn how to…


  • Find safety within, so you can self-express with confidence

  • Activate dormant resonance rooms in your body, so you express yourself with power

  • Increase your overall well-being by finding pleasure in your own voice 

  • Feel more beautiful, sensual, and attractive by expanding the colors of your sounds 

  • Activate deep healing processes in your cells through singing and chanting mantras

  • Stabilize in your base chakra, so your voice never escapes you unexpectedly again 


You have the power to bring joy, healing, and pleasure to yourself and the world around you with the power of your unique expression. 


It’s time to stop hiding and bring it forth. 

Everything you’ll get…

  • Imprints to help you stay grounded in your bones

  • Exercises to strengthen your voice 

  • Breathing practices to increase the capacity of your lungs

  • Mantras for inner peace, spaciousness, and healing 

  • Opening and closing rituals to create a safe and sacred container 

  • Tea, water, and snacks like fresh fruit, cookies, and nuts

  • A community of like-minded souls 

  • And so much more…

Sabina teaches with a lot of heart and soul and a great depth of knowledge. Her liveliness is contagious, and she creates a pleasant, warm atmosphere in which everyone can feel comfortable. No matter if you are a layman, laywoman, or a professional singer.

The workshops with Sabina are very inspiring.

The inner images, the movements and the different exercises help me to stay well-connected and centered within myself and within my body while singing.
As a result I sing more freely and courageously. Thank you Sabina!


Regula Joho, Physiotherapist and Trainer for Autogenic Training, Zurich

Your espert guidance


As a transformational voice coach, singer, and mantra yogini, I’m dedicated to helping you free your voice, so that you can sing and speak your truth. Unapologetically.


After having worked with a full spectrum of students–from professional singers to highly-sensitive yoginis–for more than 20 years, here’s what I realized: what’s blocking your voice is also blocking your life. 


By healing your sacred instrument–your voice–you get access to a powerful tool for fearless self-expression. When you are free from old energetic blocks, nothing can hold you back from giving your deepest gifts to the world. 

Join us for this one-of-a-kind workshop…

Gain ground under your feet, so you can rely on the ground to support you–whatever you are.



Your investment live: CHF 260.- (Discount for students and seniors: CHF 160.-)

Your investment online: CHF 160.- 

Our location: O-Tone Yoga, Gallusstr. 4, 8006 Zürich

Thank you! I am looking forward to your participation.


"With strong intuition and great knowledge, Sabina opens up spaces previously unknown to me. I explore my voice and encounter myself -- again and again."


-Rolf Tschudi, Artist, Zürich

To sign up for this Workshop, please follow these steps:


1. email me at sabina@powerful-voices.com to sign up.


2. please transfer the full amount, to secure your place, within 7 days to the following account:

Powerful Voices, 8006 Zurich

Migros Bank AG, 8001 Zurich Account no. 80-533-6

IBAN: CH32 0840 1000 0614 7077 5


Or pay via TWINT +41 79 791 86 24


3. the registration is binding and the amount is non-refundable.


4. after receiving the full amount you are registered for this class and your place is definitely reserved for you.


5. if you are unable to attend the class, you have the possibility to give your place to someone else. However, the organization is your responsibility.


Important: if you have flu-like symptoms before the class, participation is excluded. Please contact me directly in such cases.