Free your voice. Raise your confidence. Find joy in your expression.

Date and Time: Sa May 7th, 10:00 - 16:00

Place: Shakti Ayurveda & Yoga Kompetenzzentrum,

Kniestrasse 10, CH-8640 Rapperswil
Max 14 spots 
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Experience the Magical Soundscape of Your Ears and Tap Into the Healing Power of Mantra

A workshop to awaken the connection between your voice, ears, and brain


Imagine being able to…


  • Sing and speak in a way that brings pleasure to you and your listeners 

  • Use your voice as a tool for nourishment to recharge your nervous system 

  • Learn to speak and sing longer without getting drained or exhausted 

  • Find curiosity about your energetic vocal expression (no more judging your voice)

  • Appreciate the beauty of your unique sound blueprint 

  • Experience the mysterious healing power of sacred mantras 

“There’s something special about your voice. It makes me feel so inspired, calm, and nourished. I feel like I want to write down everything you’re saying.”

That’s the kind of response you’ll start getting from people when you use the techniques I’m sharing in my workshops. (I’m hearing this all the time…)



Because 70% of the impact from our voice is energetic. Only 30% of what we communicate has to do with the content of our words.

Here’s the voice workshop…

That will get you to use your ears like a professionally trained singer.


Even if you’re NOT interested in becoming a pro singer… 


During this 5-hour live workshop, you’ll learn how to:


  • Understand the important difference between energetic and esthetic listening

  • Activate your energetic listening skills to deeply nourish your nervous system

  • Discover how to increase your overall well-being through your voice 

  • Feel more beautiful, sensual, and attractive by expanding the colors of your voice 

  • Activate deep healing processes in all your cells through singing 

  • Chant ancient Mantras to reconnect with your soul through the vibration of sound 

Your voice can literally heal you and others. 


With just a few words, you have the power to bring deep release, healing, and pleasure to yourself and those around you. 


“What I experienced in a few short moments with Sabina was truly mind-blowing. During our call, I felt a bit tense and heady from holding space and leading the conversation. But as soon as Sabina adjusted the frequency of her voice by deeply listening to herself, she transmitted what felt like pure love. My whole body became more relaxed, and I felt soothing pleasure arising from within. Even the energy in the room changed. It felt like pure magic.”


Nadja Eriksson, Copywriter for Conscious Entrepreneurs

The ear is involved in 90% of all sensory information that stimulates our brain. Hearing has a key function not only for your voice but for the well-being of your entire nervous system.



"When the hearing is changed, immediately and unconsciously the voice changes as well."


Alfred Tomatis (A pioneering M.D. who devoted his life to studying the relationship between the voice, brain, and ears.)



What’s included?

  • New insights about the physiology of the brain, voice, and ears 

  • Technical and energetic exercises to strengthen your voice 

  • Breathing practices to increase the capacity of your lungs

  • Ancient mantra chanting for inner peace, spaciousness, and healing 

  • Opening and closing rituals to create a safe and sacred container for our practice 

  • Tea and yummy snacks like fresh fruit, cookies, and nuts 

Your investment: 260 chf/  *160.-


💜 Thank you!

I am looking forward to have you and your voice on board with us 💜

This is how you register:

1. send me an email to .

2. please transfer the full amount within 7 days to the following account:

Powerful Voices, 8006 Zurich

Migros Bank AG, 8001 Zurich Account no. 80-533-6

IBAN: CH32 0840 1000 0614 7077 5

Or pay via TWINT +41 79 791 86 24

3. the registration is binding and the amount is non-refundable.

4. after receiving the full amount you are registered for this workshop and your place is definitely reserved for you.

5. if you are unable to attend the workshop, you have the possibility to give your place to someone else. However, the organization is your responsibility.


Important: if you have flu-like symptoms before the workshop, participation is excluded. If this occurs, please contact me directly.